ffwD: Cauliflower Bacon Gratin

This dish sounded promising when I read it. However, as much as I like cauliflower, I hated to buy a whole head of the stuff when I had a bag of frozen cauliflower in my freezer. So, I took a chance and used the frozen, letting it defrost for half an hour to reduce the chance of excess liquid later in the dish.

Using the defrosted cauliflower allowed me to skip the “babysitting” steps of boiling water and blanching veggies. And, I’m always up for making recipes more hassle-free! This might not have been the prettiest dish, but it tasted delicious considering it had the holy, fattening trinity of heavy cream, Gruyere and bacon giving their flavor blessings! And, that’s never a bad sort of recipe to make.

To see how other bloggers fared with their very last ffwD of 2011, check out French Fridays with Dorie where we make recipes from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours.


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  1. Eileen
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 16:46:19

    Good idea using the frozen cauliflower. I bought a humongous head, and I really hope that leftovers reheat well (it’s in the oven now), because this is a whole lot of cauliflower. Glad it worked for you!

  2. RadioDiva
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 17:01:23

    When I was “low-carb”ing, I used to eat cauliflower, boiled, and mashed…a perfect subsitute for mashed potatoes. Adding this step to cauliflower along with your holy, fattening trinity (maybe add some fresh chives and sour cream?!), would make a “Yummy” sort-of healthy alternative side dish!


  3. ceciliag
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 17:08:00

    I am all for simplifying the process. And frankly the frozen veges (esp in winter) are going to be WAY more nutritious than the tired old head of cauli sitting in the supermarket! I am a frozen pea FREAK in the winter.. This looks good enough to eat! c

  4. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 17:35:36

    That has enough other good stuff, my wife might actually eat it! (She hates cauliflower. I like it.)

  5. bakingaddict
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 17:45:08

    Great way to use up frozen cauliflower. Cream, cheese and bacon will make anything taste good! Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  6. Lisa @smartfoodandfit
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 18:34:37

    I’m not a big cauliflower person myself and I too like to buy them frozen b/c I tend to throw them out due to not using them right away. This looks like a perfect Sunday breakfast, mmmm. Happy New Year!

  7. Ronda
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 19:43:30

    Such a great trinity of numminess!

  8. Miriam
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 19:59:57

    I love the idea of cauliflower gratin!! Happy New Year!! Mriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  9. Ann
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 20:02:26

    Wow! While fattening, it sounds amazing! I may have to make this on an indulgence day! This looks terrific!

  10. Cher
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 20:23:03

    Cream, eggs, bacon & cheese make almost anything taste better, don’t they πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  11. Liz
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 20:34:49

    LOL, I love the holy fattening trinity!!! It does add a special something, doesn’t it? Happy New Year, my friend!

  12. betty
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 21:02:39

    :O bacon and cheese?? simply delicious!

  13. betsy
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 21:05:31

    That trinity would make shoelaces take delicious, I think. This one was definitely a winner. I’ve enjoyed cooking with you this year. Happy New Year!

  14. cooking-varieties (wan)
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 21:35:09

    hi yummy chunklet, cauliflower is such a versatile veggie., so how are you celebrating your new year.. cooking or dining out .
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year..may all your good wishes come true..happy holidays

  15. Life is Full
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 22:51:32

    Amen to the holy, fattening trinity! πŸ˜‰ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  16. Tricia S.
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 00:07:46

    Good for you to think of using the frozen cauliflower – glad to hear it turned out so well. After all the creme brulee and other treats we have been enjoying…I see much more PLAIN cauliflower in my future. Except for French Fridays πŸ™‚ Happy New Year from Nana and I – we look forward to your posts and comments in 2012 !!

  17. Anita Menon
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 00:09:11

    I am all up for fattening trinity. Taste is a priority πŸ™‚
    Lovely dish.

  18. Elin
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 00:53:28

    Wow…yours definitely looks good πŸ™‚ Glad that you tried it with frozen cauliflowers πŸ™‚ Happy New Year to you and family . I look forward to cooking along with you in 2012 πŸ™‚

  19. Kay aka Babygirl
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 01:30:55

    I think this Cauliflower Bacon Gratin looks amazing. And I would have used frozen cauliflower as well if I had it in the freezer. You can always find ways to use what you have :). I hope you have a great New Year

  20. Food,Photography & France
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 02:47:18

    Thanks for a year of fun posts. Wishing you a very happy and successful New Year.

  21. Cakelaw
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 03:51:24

    LOL – the holy fattening trinity indeed! I liked this dish too. Wishing you a very Happy New Year YC!

  22. Candy
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 06:28:19

    While this dish was uber fattening, it didn’t feel that way to me! Yours looks great!

    Happy New Year!

  23. Shannon from Healthiful Balance
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 06:59:22

    Looks delish! πŸ˜€

  24. Inger Wilkerson
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 08:00:53

    Wow–heavy cream, Gruyere and bacon! And we already like cauliflower. Will have to give this a try (after the month of plain, steamed food I will be eating to make up for December)

  25. Elaine
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 09:17:48

    So glad to know this works just as well with frozen cauliflower. I’m all for shortcuts! I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  26. Peggy
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 09:33:14

    Great idea with using what you already had! It looks amazing =)

  27. jora
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 11:53:56

    It’s great to know this works with frozen cauliflower. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy New Year!

  28. Hotly Spiced
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 14:34:04

    I love cauliflower gratin. Such wonderful comfort food. Happy New Year!

  29. Louise
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 14:35:45

    I absolutely adore cauliflower any old way…however, Cauliflower Bacon and Heavy Cream, oh lusciousness!!! I sometimes prefer frozen over fresh especially when things are out of season. Frozen cauliflower works for me. (It’s easier to bread for breaded cauliflower too when it’s frozen:) I have found “steaming” a head of cauliflower in the microwave amazingly easy too. If I did use fresh for this enticing recipe I think I would try microwaving it first. I’ll need to save this link:)

    Thanks for sharing, Yummy. A very Happy, Safe & Healthy New Year to You and Yours!!! (I can’t wait to see what goodies are in store for 2012:) Louise.

  30. Simply Life
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 15:05:39

    what a creative idea for cauliflower!

  31. Marie
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 15:28:22

    No need to apologize for using frozen cauliflower–it looks great, tastes great, and is easier. Sounds like you’re the smart one.

  32. Trevor Sis Boom
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 17:14:43

    What a great year and such a nice way for everyone to end the year. With a fatty dish. lol. Looks great! Happy New Year to you and thank you for being there with me along the way! Looking forward to a great 2012 as well! Trevor.

  33. Casey
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 18:54:59

    Cauliflower is a favorite and you made it look better than I could have imagined.

  34. Thu
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 20:06:51

    I was sold when I saw bacon on there πŸ˜‰ I went on a bacon craze today and had it for breakfast and dinner!

    I read your “About me” and didn’t know you were a trial attorney!

  35. Confessions of a Culinary Diva
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 01:43:40

    I love that you were able to do this and have a great result with the frozen cauliflower! We seem to have a cauliflower shortage in the desert and it took three markets and a trip to the farmers market before we were able to find a head of cauliflower.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to cooking with you in 2012 and reading your posts!

  36. sanyaliving
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 05:45:32

    I skipped this week’s recipe but am definitely planning to catch up once the weather cools down here.
    Looks delicious!

  37. kitchenbelleicious
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 08:54:30

    I love cauliflower! Love it but sometimes if can get boring and this cauliflower recipe is anything but boring! LOVE IT

  38. Beth
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 10:28:57

    I love gratins, and this variation looks amazing. I’ll definitely give it a try!

  39. Joyti
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:37:11

    I like cauliflower, but it has to be spiced or flavored up. Your gratin sounds amazing.
    And Happy New Year!

  40. Pachecopatty
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:44:18

    We loved this slightly rich cauliflower gratin, Im glad you found this one delicious and enjoyed. Best wishes for a Happy 2012 and look forward to following you this year;-)

  41. Tasty Mayhem
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 14:24:46

    as usual, this recipe pretty much had me at “bacon” and “cream.” glad you went for it, and kudos on the shortcut. I don’t blanch anything in ice water that’s going back in the oven and always skip that part.

  42. sara
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 16:57:55

    Yum, great shortcut! This looks SO delicious – I will have to try it for sure. πŸ™‚

  43. Audrey Allure
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:31:18

    That looks delicious! πŸ™‚

  44. kitchen flavours
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 18:04:25

    Looks really yummy! I love cauliflower anyway it is done!
    Happy New Year!!

  45. rebecca
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 18:59:33

    fun recipe and I am all for making recipes more simple πŸ™‚
    Happy new year

  46. Anne@frommysweetheart
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 19:34:29

    Gotta love the holy fattening trinity! This looks amazing! And you were smart to make it easy on yourself with the frozen cauliflower. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing what else you will be cooking up! : )

  47. peachkins
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 20:24:30

    A delicious way for me to eat cauliflower! Happy New Year!

  48. Allison (Allison's Delicious Life)
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 03:01:20

    I love anything au gratin. Cauliflower would be no exception. Thanks for the idea!

  49. oneexpatslife
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 05:12:05

    Good to know that it works with frozen veggies, I too am always happy to find a shortcut. I guess if you add enough bacon and cream to a dish, it’s going to be good no matter what.

    Happy New Year to you!

  50. erica @ fashionmeetsfood.com
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 08:14:56

    You have just won my heart and I am now going out today to buy all the ingredients! xo

  51. mary
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 08:40:20

    Simply delicious – cauliflower is tricky – but can’t help but be delicious cooked this way! All the very best for 2012
    love mary x

  52. brambleoak
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 09:09:07

    Ohh, that sounds so good!

  53. forgottenbeast
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 09:22:38

    My freezer is packed with frozen cauliflower–I love the stuff, but yeah, eating an entire head before it goes bad is pretty much impossible. And how easy is pulling a bag out of the freezer?? I may not eat cheese OR bacon, but this still sounds amazing, I love everything cauliflower.

  54. Ameena
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:16:57

    I love that you can use frozen cauliflower for this because let’s face it…I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought a fresh cauliflower, if one at all?

    Happy New Year my friend! Hope 2012 is full of fantastic things for you!

  55. Caroline
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 13:37:52

    I love making recipes easier whenever you can. Great to skip some steps! This sounds fantastic. How can you go wrong when bacon is involved?? πŸ˜‰

  56. Andi Winslow
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 17:16:21

    Not much of a cauliflower eater, but with all the other goodies this sounds pretty good. And like that you used what you had on hand before buying more. Andi

  57. JasmyneTea
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 17:16:40

    I love cauliflower, I’ll definitely have to give this a try! Hope you had an amazing New Year πŸ™‚

  58. Betty
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 20:50:30

    I do love cauliflower, and I think you had a good idea to use the frozen in this. I’ll have to look up the recipe for this one- it sounds marvelous. πŸ™‚

  59. Baker Street
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 04:04:37

    I’ve never used frozen cauliflower! Glad to know it turned out well with that too. Happy New Year to you and yours! xx

  60. andrea janssen
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 08:02:19

    Happy new year to you. Great that I know I can exchange the fresh cauliflower for frozen one. Learned that one.

  61. Dara
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 08:04:02

    So yummy! Bacon makes everything better. Great recipe.

  62. Parsley Sage
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 09:28:55

    Nice move with the cauliflower! I worry about the same thing with my veggies too. I HATE throwing them out. Now I know I can freeze them πŸ™‚

    Great recipe!

  63. Kristin & Megan (@BonBonRoseGirls)
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 13:05:13

    Oh how I heart bacon!

  64. spicegirlfla
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 14:57:11

    I bet that tasted delicious!! But how could it not with those ingredients!! My son would love this!!

  65. Geni - Sweet and Crumby
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 14:58:32

    What a particularly yummy way to serve cauliflower! Anything is better with cheese and bacon! Right?!

  66. Jay
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 19:11:50

    wow…keep rocking with these yummy n stunning recipes..
    have a fantastic 2012..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  67. cooking-varieties (wan)
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 00:43:32

    hi yummy chunklet, i am back, just to tell you that i like your red velvet chocolate blooms.. i left my print there..have a nice day

  68. Alexis @ There She Goes
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 08:47:46

    this looks out of control amazing!

  69. Sutapa
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 10:31:24

    Love the way you skip the babysitting steps! Cauliflower gratin looks delicious!
    A pack of sparkling warm wishes from India to my dear friend for a happy healthy and prosperous New Year 2012!

  70. foodfashionandflow
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 18:32:44

    This looks really good and of course I think everything is better with BACON, LOL

  71. Reem | Simply Reem
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 07:48:21

    Oh I love cauliflower, this looks really delicious.

    Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year.

  72. Karen
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 14:00:25

    My husband wouldn’t care what the cauliflower looked like as long as it had all of your delicious ingredients in the dish. This recipe will definitely make him smile.

  73. Casey
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 16:33:44

    Cauliflower is a great vegetable and I usually use frozen. It is so much easier and time is a factor for most of us.
    I love the idea of the gratin. I got Dorie’s book. I must join the group. You make so many delicious looking recipes.

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