Egg Salad with Mango Chutney Tea Sandwiches

On Saturday afternoon, my friends and I attempted to watch the Chicago Air & Water Show over Lake Michigan. However, it started raining pretty heavily about an hour into the show, so we went to the the Drake Hotel to wait out the storm and relax with afternoon tea. The Drake Hotel recently altered their egg salad tea sandwiches by incorporating mango chutney. Due to my recent success with Major Grey’s Chutney, I thought making my own egg salad with mango chutney tea sandwiches would be fun for lunch on Sunday!

To make my own egg salad, I kept it simple and eyeballed the ingredients. I chopped up two hard-boiled eggs and gently combined them with chopped cucumber, Hellman’s mayonnaise, cracked pepper, kosher salt, chopped basil, and a good sprinkling of cayenne pepper. Finally, I went all fancy and cut the crusts off my bread before spreading the egg salad and the mango chutney on the slices. This combination really was tasty. I may have to bring a sandwich for lunch later this week!


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  1. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 16:10:47

    You make egg salad look hip. I love the idea of adding mango.

  2. Anita Menon
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 16:13:25

    Yummy. your combinations are so interesting.

    You really take your food seriously. I like that. I am like you too.

  3. Mary
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 16:49:09

    This looks really wonderful. I love egg salad but never thought of adding chutney to it. It sounds delicious prepared this way. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. Ronda
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 16:59:12

    That looks very tasty!

  5. spicegirlfla
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 17:24:27

    This is really an unusual but quite interesting combination of flavors! I bet it must taste so surprisingly good!

  6. Three-Cookies
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 17:25:29

    I have never thought of nor tried egg salad with mango chutney, sounds amazing

  7. Maris (in Good Taste)
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 18:01:53

    Absolutely love the addition of mango!

  8. Ali
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 21:41:18

    What a cool idea! I love Major Greys, altho I have only used it in chicken salad. Egg salad looks awesome! I am hosting a recipe party at my blog if you might be interested in submitting. I’d love to have you join in the fun πŸ™‚

  9. Elaine
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 21:45:19

    What an interesting combination. It looks really delicious!

  10. JamieAnne
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 00:06:09

    That looks amazing. I love egg salad! I like this idea!

  11. raquel @ Erecipe
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 01:17:17

    your egg salad looks creamy my kids look at the picture and told me mom I’m hungry =)

  12. Sutapa
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 01:53:28

    What a mouthwatering combo and so simple and easy to make!

  13. Summer Rose
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 04:41:24

    THis is d best egg salad ,ever !
    So delicious , and am absolutely hungry now:-)
    The mango will sure give a tangy twist which i love and tea sandwiches , ahh things jus keep gettn better around here!

  14. Food Glorious food
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 07:27:56

    So cool, so gorgeous and so yummy looking! Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!

  15. Tiff
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 07:59:30

    I never would have thought to put those together, but I bet it’s really great. Good thinkin’!

  16. kitchenbelleicious
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:14:13

    Oh I love this. Perfect for those last minute meals and it says flavorful all over it. I would have never put the chutney with it until now. You make it sound and look amazing

  17. oneexpatslife
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:31:43

    Reading your posts sometimes makes me homesick. My friends and I had tea at the Drake many times when I lived in Chicago and it was one of my favorite Sunday traditions.

  18. peachkins
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:42:01

    loving the looks of your egg salad!

  19. Parsley Sage
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:46:48

    That actually sounds really, really good. I’m not the biggest egg salad fan but I’m loving this recipe. Perfect for a lazy Sunday lunch πŸ™‚

  20. Clarkie @ Beloved Green
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:14:40

    I love the eyeballing method. Who needs measuring when you can go by feel. It makes cooking more of an art to me πŸ™‚

  21. claire
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:16:35

    looks gorgeous!
    i LOVE egg salad!

  22. kitchen flavours
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:39:10

    I would love to have this egg salad with mango! Looks and sounds wonderful!

  23. erica
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 11:07:01

    I actually just bought mango chutney today at the mall and was thinking about egg salad for lunch. Now I am definitely giving this a try!


  24. Beth
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 11:23:20

    Sorry you got rained out, but your sandwiches look great!

  25. Tanvi
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 13:11:41

    This is such a delish combination of flavors. Perfect for summers!

  26. claire
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 13:18:26

    By the way, I would love to join the Ina group… Is the best way to do that to join the linked up site and look for updates?


  27. Caroline
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 13:59:12

    This sounds delicious, I love the addition of mango chutney. You should definitely bring this sandwich for lunch!

  28. Tiffany
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 14:12:13

    I love egg salad and I have been trying to find a new recipe for it! Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Nourhan @ Miss Anthropist's Kitchen
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 15:07:45

    Oh my God, this sounds SO good! I should not be looking at this kind of food while I am fasting…

  30. Terra
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 15:28:37

    I am visualizing the flavor combo, and I am intrigued! Mango really works with so many sweet and savory dishes. Thank you for sharing, I may just need to explore this fun food combo soon:-) Hugs, Terra

  31. Liz
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 18:57:20

    What a great twist on egg salad…I bet it tastes divine!

  32. foodfashionandflow
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 19:45:53

  33. Vianney Rodriguez (@sweetlifebake)
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 20:22:58

    I would have never thought to add chutney!! wow great spin and the color is fab!

  34. Betty
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 20:55:41

    I love little tea sandwiches! That egg salad sounds really good with the chutney- I’d have never have thought of the combination. πŸ™‚

  35. torviewtoronto and createwithmom
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 21:51:38

    egg salad looks wonderful

  36. Miriam Barton
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 22:28:41

    Ooo, you’re speaking to my heart with these recipes! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  37. incidentalcooksumanuman
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 05:54:19

    A delicious combination of flavors…looks so tempting!

  38. smartfoodandfit
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 06:29:30

    I would have never thought to have put mango chutney with my egg salad but the photo looks delicious! We went to an air show to along Lake Erie with some friends for a boat ride and watched the air show too over the weekend! Kids had a blast!

  39. Louise
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 08:00:46

    Why is it my egg salad never looks so appetizing. I bet the mango chutney was a perfect addition and I don’t even like mangos!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Yummy! You did a GREAT job recreating the dish…

  40. patty
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 08:30:54

    Mango chutney, you’re calling me with your egg salad! I love chutney mixed into deviled eggs, so good;-)

  41. Kelly
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 08:39:46

    I love your inventive cuisine – these sandwiches look great.

  42. purabinaha
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 09:09:53

    The addition of mango chutney as an accompaniment is really a daring thing to do…but, I am happy that you did! This is so inspiring!! I have a habit of adding fruits to my recipes…so when I see recipes like this, I am happy, because I love fruits in any form. Great post.

  43. tinkerbelle86
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 09:44:47

    really interesting recipe!

  44. rebecca
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 13:30:00

    love this wish it was my lunch

  45. blackbookkitchendiaries
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 13:41:40

    i am loving the flavor combos in this! thank you for sharing them with us.

  46. Geni - Sweet and Crumby
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 14:58:12

    What fabulous idea! My nieces and daughter and I just had tea this weekend too! Cheers!

  47. Juliana
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 15:53:57

    Wow, what a great idea for egg sandwich…a touch of sweetness with mango chutney.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week πŸ™‚

  48. Laural @ Being Healthier
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 17:24:56

    oooo I will make egg salad tonight!! I could probably do a mango chutney with it too since i have the ingredients! very interesting!!!!!

  49. Kathy
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 17:49:28

    This looks so delicious…I love egg salad! I’ve never had it with chutney… yummy!

  50. Peggy
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 19:52:50

    I’ve never been too big of a fan of egg salad, but this sounds to good to pass up =)

  51. Quay Po
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 21:38:25

    We are big fan of egg salad but never had one with mango chutney. I have a jar of mango chutney from my friend brought back from London. I am going to make this salad for sure. Thanks for the recipe.

  52. Tasty Mayhem
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 22:40:59

    mmmm. very nice. I love chutney in chicken salad myself. wonderful photos, as usual. πŸ™‚

  53. Grumpy Grateful Mom
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 01:59:40

    I LOVE egg salad, though don’t have it too often. It sounds so yummy with the chutney. Another great idea!

  54. Brownieville Girl
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 06:31:59

    Oh I have to try this – sounds delicious!

  55. Simply Life
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 06:37:40

    what a great sandwich idea!

  56. Yum Yucky
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 15:36:18

    I am giggling because I first thought that was “Macaroni & Cheese on Toast”. Egg salad, baby! The Mango Chutney side looks freaking delicious, too.

  57. chunklet's mom
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 19:44:25

    That does look really good! I’m going to have to try this for one of my lunches that I bring to school πŸ™‚

  58. muppy
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 00:35:32

    what an interesting combination πŸ™‚

  59. Cakelaw
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 17:30:59

    Yummo! I adore egg sandwiches and mango chutney, thoiugh I have never tried them together – but I am so totally up for it.

  60. Yuri
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 19:02:39

    Mango makes everything better. I went mango-crazy once and made mango guacamole, mango lentil salad, mango quinoa salad… Your tea sandwiches look delicious πŸ™‚

  61. April @ The 21st Century Housewife
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 09:57:45

    What a fabulous idea! I love the idea of mango chutney in egg salad. My Mom always added curry powder to her egg salad and I think that might work here too – I’ll have to give it a try. Your tea sandwiches look beautiful – they would make the perfect addition to a high tea here in England! Thank you for sharing this post with the Gallery of Favorites.

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