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It’s cool again in Chicago. I suspect cooler weather will be with us a bit more, but its days are numbered. Heading into April, I’m seeing fewer heavy coats and boots and more jackets and umbrellas for the sporadic rain shower. There’s more sunshine outside and berries are taking over the supermarkets inside, including strawberries. Usually strawberry season lasts from May to August, but different growing techniques have these red berries in stores earlier. Which I LOVE! I picked up a carton and have been wanting to make strawberry cupcakes for a week. I followed the cupcake recipe from What’s Cookin’ Chicago.

As for the frosting, I skipped the recipe’s cream cheese frosting and played around with making a buttercream from shortening. A couple of weeks ago, my local grocery store had a sale on Crisco butter-flavored baking sticks. I’d never cooked or baked with shortening my entire adult life. Intrigued, I purchased a package containing 3 sticks. I didn’t realize how much powdered sugar I’d need for a frosting with shortening. I only used 3/4 of a stick but ended up using 3 1/3 cups of powdered sugar to even get close! I also added in vanilla bean paste, meringue powder, and Horizon organic reduced fat vanilla milk. To be honest, I didn’t get quite the consistency and flavor I was looking for, so I’ll have to keep at it. (I know, it’s a tough project!)

On a different note, I received two more blogger awards! Parsley Sage at The Deep Dish awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award!The Deep Dish is a really fun read that I discovered recently. Many of the posts include amazing photos of the restaurant food she gets to eat! Plus, sprinkled in are really great recipes and drink concoctions she wrangled from bartenders on one of her many travels! Yea!

Jay at Tasty Appetite awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award!Tasty Appetite is another recent find that I absolutely love. This blog features TONS of Indian recipes, many that I’ve never heard of before! This blog is truly my “go-to” for Indian dishes and inspiration.

A big thanks to both Parsley Sage at The Deep Dish and Jay at Tasty Appetite for giving me these awards!


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  1. Betty @ scrambled hen fruit
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 22:08:26

    Strawberry cupcakes are on my list of things to make this spring- yours look delicious! I’m looking forward to springier weather too! 🙂

  2. Meri
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 23:14:27

    I want to dive into that pink frosting and go swimming. With my taste buds. Yummm!

  3. chunklet's mom
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 23:38:33

    looking at the cupcakes made me hungry!!

  4. GPL
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 23:38:34

    LOVE strawberries, and lucky for me I eat them almost all year, but these cupcakes look amazing and I bet they smell amazing too!!

  5. Cher
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 08:16:45

    Congrats on your new awards!
    Too bad you are going to have to do all that work on perfecting those cupcakes…. The things we do 🙂

  6. Parsley Sage
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 08:44:25

    Oh man, you poor thing. You’re just gonna have to keep banging out those lovely cupcakes until you get the frosting juuuuuuuuust right. I’m incredibly jealous 🙂

  7. Three-Cookies
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 09:21:31

    Congratulations on the awards!

  8. Angela
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 19:25:31

    Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices – like eating lots and lots of icing. I could see such a sacrifice in my future. Congrats on the awards. You deserve them:)

  9. Miri Leigh
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 19:33:26

    These cupcakes look delicious. Congrats on the awards!

  10. Jessica
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 20:20:19

    Too many frosting recipes to choose from! Which to you recommend: this week’s frosting with shortening or the other from your Valentines Day post?

  11. chanzdutt
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 20:41:01

    Love the icing…

  12. gingerbreadbagels
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 21:48:27

    Congrats on the awards! Your cupcakes look sooo good. I make a buttercream with half shortening and half butter. It works really well. 🙂

  13. cca
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 22:10:09

    love your frosting! looks gorgeous!

    congrats on your awards!

  14. Cakelaw
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 02:32:55

    These look so good! We are going in the opposite direction weatherwise here – it is definitely nippy and grey here today.

  15. Spike
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 09:51:19

    The cupcakes looks great. I’m planning a trip to Chicago for the October marathon- can’t wait!

  16. Mary
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 18:20:35

    Congratulations on the well deserved awards and those wonderful cupcakes. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  17. torviewtoronto
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 19:32:42

    congrats on the well deserved award delicious muffins looks wonderful
    check out the event in my site food palette series pink

  18. betsy
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:36:19

    Strawberry cupcakes, yum! A hint of summer, coming soon? Congrats on the new awards.

  19. KY
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:53:22

    I had been slow in reading blog posts lately… Your strawberry cupcakes look yummy and I like your flowery cupcake liners too! Shortening buttercream? Noo… stay away! Those stuff don’t even melt in the sink with hot water!

  20. Louise
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 07:51:07

    Congratulations on your awards, yummy!!! As for those strawberry cupcakes, oh goodness, don’t they look “purty.” I love the color of the frosting. I’ve never tried that shortening. It seems a bit difficult to work with. I’m sure you’ll have a ball seeking out just the right consistency!

    Thanks for sharing…

  21. Priya Mahadevan
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 12:53:38

    That looks truly yummy! I love the color of the frosting 🙂 Lovely cupcakes!

  22. Ryan
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 19:18:59

    Oh my word, I really have been in a black hole this week. I just realized all that I missed on your blog! These look beautiful and delicious! I love strawberry cupcakes and the pastel pink icing is piped beautifully! It looks perfect for spring!!

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