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Whew! This past weekend was busy! After a week of kitchen deprivation, I was cooking and baking nonstop from Friday’s mustard tomato tartlet to Sunday’s strawberry almond tartlet. Well, at least it felt nonstop despite eating at a Japanese restaurant on Saturday. But, I did purchase the items I needed for Sunday’s recipes on Saturday!

First up is Jack’s Favorite Cake* from Worth Tasting: A Culinary Tour through the Architecture of the Palm Beaches.
The cake’s namesake is none other than golf legend, Jack Nicklaus. The recipe was submitted by his wife, Barbara, a Junior League of the Palm Beaches sustainer and a recipe contributor to the League’s three previous cookbooks.

This cake is a twist on a spice cake with chopped prunes and a buttermilk glaze. I will say that I was skeptical about the prunes, but this cake was really good. The warm buttermilk glaze that soaks through the warm cake is absolutely delicious. Plus, the moist bits of prunes are a pleasant contrast to the spiciness of this cake. As a side note, I added an additional teaspoon of ground cloves beyond the recipe’s teaspoon of cinnamon and teaspoon of nutmeg. Hence, the darker cake color.

A slice of Jack's Favorite Cake


See the glaze soaking through?

Next, I made what I call “Julia Child chicken”, namely because this was the first recipe I tried from her magnum opus, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Specifically, the recipe is Suprêmes de Volaille aux Champignons*, or chicken breasts with mushrooms and cream. I absolutely love mushrooms, and Julia has taught me that butter and cream are never bad. But, just in case, I wilted down a bag of baby spinach in some Smart Balance with chopped garlic as a side dish. Delicious!

Julia Child chicken & spinach

Finally, one of the commenters to my blog (Codename: GPL) requested raspberry almond tarts. Due to the excitement of my new mini-tartlet pans, I was on a quest to make these dessert tarts. But, the raspberries in the store did not look quite right, so I stayed with a safe bet and purchased strawberries for strawberry almond tartlets* instead. I brought some samples to work, and they were a hit! I also made a tartlet without almonds for my friend, Candelabra, who is allergic to almonds (tragic!). She thought it was delicious!

Before the fresh strawberries


After adding the fresh strawberries

*You’ll notice that I did not type out any of the recipes within the post. This post was a little on the longer side with the photos, so if anyone would like any of the recipes I mentioned, just leave me a comment with your email address!


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Molly
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 12:53:34

    Wow, those all look delicious! I would love the recipe for the Strawberry Almond tarts!

    Also, I just went to an afternoon tea that used recipies from the Junior League of the Palm Beaches, “Worth Tasting” and wow all were fantastic and I even got to try the Brown Sugar “pound cake” though it was in a bundt shape. I could not get enough, literally filled my entire plate! YUM!

  2. Miriam
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 14:33:46

    I was one of the lucky ones to try the desserts. I especially loved the fresh strawberry almond tartlets. They are delicious. Ummm yeah send me the recipe please.

  3. Jessica
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 18:51:57

    That cake looks amazing. I shall make it this weekend (perhaps without prunes…).
    May I have the recipe?

  4. Neya
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 15:57:34

    I must admit that the prune cake was the best thing I have had. I’m not sure if it was because of the extra cloves you added or it was just a good cake.
    One thing I do know – I have to have that recipe. Well, the tart was good too! Keep up the good work and keep giving us good recipes. See ya!!!!!

  5. Jaime
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 01:07:03

    I’m not a fan of any type of dessert that doesnt involve chocolate, but I have to say that the tartlet you made swayed me just a little, lol.

    What really got my attention was your Julia Child chicken dish! The spinach and mushrooms look good enough to eat without the chicken! Bravo!

  6. Yakiudon
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 08:05:35

    I wish I was closer so I could partake in the taste testing that everyone else seems to be enjoying. While I was reading about the gougeres (new to me and I want to try some), gruyere was mentioned… any experience or interest in souffles?

    Mmmmmm strawberry tartlets (not so sure about the old man spiced prune cake), The Cake Is Not A Lie!

  7. Serene
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 13:42:29

    Wow, I want to eat at YOUR house! I have to go dig out that chicken recipe. I’ve only made one thing from that cookbook so far, and I don’t want AMFT to make me ignore the other great books in my collection. 🙂

  8. NN
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 13:11:40

    After hearing so much about the JC chicken, finally got to taste it. AMAZING.

    Prune cake was excellent. I’m always down with golfer cake. It was nice and moist (not a fan of that word, but it fits).

    Strawberry tartlet?? Best pre-flight meal ever. Thank you for sharing… it was awesome.

  9. Kelli
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 16:32:49

    That is the best looking cake I’ve ever seen!! Makes me want to lick this screen…YUM! I will be making this!

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