ffwD–Gérard’s Mustard Tart

I have a confession to make. I DO NOT CARE FOR MUSTARD. There! I said it! Mustard has never been a condiment of choice in my family, nor was it really an option. Every time I buy a bottle of mustard for a picnic, it ends up getting thrown out. I’m never concerned if there’s no mustard, like I am with Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Mustard, quite frankly, makes me want to gag.

So, seeing that the ffwD weekly recipe contained not one, but two, types of mustard made me want to go running for the hills. Seriously, I even tried to think of “nice” reasons not to make this recipe, like that I was allergic to mustard. I have been reading the recipe since it was posted, and regardless of the fact that a total of four tablespoons of mustard are involved, in my mind it might as well have been FOUR CUPS. I told several people that I was not looking forward to making the tart because of the mustard, and they told me just not to make the recipe for this week.

But, I ultimately came to the conclusion that avoiding a recipe containing mustard would be disingenuous to the spirit of the ffwD cooking project, and that I really needed to give the recipe a chance. Plus, it’s only the second week of ffwD, and I did not want to be a slacker already. At least, not solely because of a mustard aversion.

Those of you reading this will also notice that the post came down to the wire of posting on Friday, October 8th. I’ve been on trial this entire week, which has required very early mornings, late evenings, and total focus. I was so focused that I have avoided all newspapers, Internet and television news programs, and was completely unaware that President Obama was in Chicago Thursday night. Sigh…thus is the life of an attorney while on trial. One of my paralegals referred to me as “being on another planet”. Combine being on trial with the mustard situation, and you understand why the post is late.

Since I’m being honest, as the tarts were baking, they really smelled like hot dogs or corn dogs. My sister thought they smelled like chicken.

Also, I did not own a tart pan prior to today. That was another reason for my hesitation towards this recipe. I did not want to buy a tart pan that I may not use again. But, I pushed that thought aside and attempted to buy a 9-inch tart pan. The store I went to only had an 11-inch tart pan, which I thought would be too large for this recipe. I did not want to be left with too little dough, so I purchased a similarly priced set of 6 mini-tart pans! This was a plus because they stack easily within each other and do not take up much room! Also, I can see myself making individual dessert tarts for work at some point.

My final “confession” is about the mustard itself. I refused to buy a bottle of Dijon mustard just for the two tablespoons called for in the recipe. So at lunch, I went to a cafe, bought a soda, and grabbed about 8 packets of Dijon mustard. And, my office recently had a catered lunch, and in the refrigerator was an unopened single serving jar of grainy mustard. Yeah, I took that as well.

So, the final result? The tarts were actually pretty good. I’m wondering if another ingredient could be added that would downplay the “corn dog” taste and smell. Scallions, maybe? As you can tell by the photos, I used tomato slices instead of the leeks and carrots, which turned out really delicious! I also chopped up one sprig of rosemary and whisked it into the filling. The dough made four nice, even tarts, and I squeezed out a fifth from the scraps. The filling spilled slightly over some of the tart shell sides and puffed up a bit around the tomato during baking, but it ended up settling back down while it was cooling.

Will I make this again? I’m on the fence. I’m excited about the mini-tart pans, making the tart dough from scratch, and the tomato and rosemary combination. But, I’m still hung up on the mustard. Yes, it was tangy and somewhat tasty, but the smell just reminded me too much of corn dogs. Maybe I’ll try this again without the Dijon and double the grainy. Yes, that might work!

The mustard tart recipe and the basic tart dough recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours“.


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  1. Molly
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 23:00:44

    First, suck it up with the Mustard already! Second, if you have a good dough recipe, you could make great quiches! Third, send some my way, this blog is so tough to read when I cannot taste all the deliciousness!!!!!

    PS – I would like a raspberry/almond tart please 🙂

  2. Elaine
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 09:02:19

    I’m so glad you overcame your aversion to mustard and made the recipe. The smaller tarts are a great idea and yours turned out wonderful! I really like the series of photos you have. Great job – especially when you have had such a busy week in court!

    • yummychunklet
      Oct 09, 2010 @ 09:16:43

      Aw! Thank you! I did enjoy making the recipe, and I noticed it really was quite simple to make! I forgot to mention that in the post.

  3. Trevor Sis Boom
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 15:11:48

    How funny. I am not beneath lifting some packets of this and that when I only need a little bit! You could probably herb the crust a bit with some dried, crushed rosemary to balance the mustard corndoggy taste. But why? I love that taste!
    Trevor Sis Boom.

  4. NN
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 21:08:17

    Having been witness to the trepidation involved in merely contemplating this recipe I’m glad it turned out well. They are very beautiful.

  5. Jessica
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 12:42:13

    Yay! So proud of you doing this recipe! I completely understand your distaste for mustard. It’s ok if you don’t make this for me when I come visit.

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