Oooh…Nutella…but in pumpkin bread?

Confession: I only recently discovered the yumminess of Nutella. I first heard of this chocolate hazelnut spread back in college when a friend of mine was disgusted by her roommate who had eaten a whole jar of Nutella within a 48-hour period in addition to eating other food. A whole jar of anything in one weekend is pretty extreme, but let’s look at the nutrition facts. According to the website, Nutella contains 200 calories (100 from fat), 11 grams of fat (3g saturated), and 1 gram of fiber per serving (2 tablespoons). The site’s nutrition label indicates that there are about 10 servings per jar. So, in total, that’s 2,000 calories (1,000 from fat), 110g of fat (30g saturated), and 10g of fiber for the whole jar. Based on that information, I never had any desire to eat Nutella.

Fast forward years later where I moved to Chicago and into an apartment building close to a local Italian eatery, L’Appetito. This place sells Nutella in little single serving packets about the size of a tablespoon. This amount I could handle. And, it was delicious simply spread on a slice of bread!

So, I’m intrigued about baking the Nutella inside pumpkin bread. I’m not really a pumpkin gal and prefer apple pie at Thanksgiving. The Nutella itself was enticing, but in pumpkin bread? I mentioned my quandary to a co-worker of mine, Metiche*, and her eyes lit up and said, “Ooh! Make that! Make that!” Hmm…one vote for Nutella pumpkin bread.

However, I haven’t made my peach scones yet, and I will admit that the peaches were softer today when I arrived home from work. I don’t want them to get rotten, but the Nutella pumpkin bread sounds pretty good. I suppose I could follow my sister’s advice (Chunklet’s mommy) and make both…

*I know what this means in Spanish. My use here does not describe my co-worker who essentially voted for the Nutella pumpkin bread, but rather to another co-worker who pretty much is the embodiment of the Spanish translation and doesn’t realize what “metiche” means. I only say this because several co-workers read my blog. =D


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  1. Sarah
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 22:50:40

    Yeah, you should totally make both like you stated in your blog ;). I do believe that both of the finished products ship well :).

    • Sarah
      Sep 13, 2010 @ 22:54:54

      Also, nutella is so delicious that I do not see a problem of finishing a jar in one weekend. Best weekend ever!

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