Obligatory healthy first post: Banana Nut Muffins!

The mid-60s temperatures in Chicago have been such a welcome change! I’m walking to work more without being super sweaty when I arrive, my windows stay open to cool the apartment thus saving on the energy bill, and baking is no longer a miserable, hot experience in my heat-trapping apartment!

With all this walking, I’m feeling healthier, so my first actual baking post is on a banana nut muffin recipe I found on Brown Eyed Baker. It’s poignant because the author of the recipe learned it from her mother, who started making these muffins for her husband when his cholesterol level was too high.

Now, I was rather skeptical because I don’t like to buy food items that I may not use again, and this recipe calls for 2 & 1/4 cups of oat bran. Be forewarned! If I end up not making this recipe again, I’ll be scouring the Interwebs for recipes with oat bran, and you will have to hear all about it! Or, I will continue to make this recipe and force these muffins upon you! Yes, YOU! Anyway, when I went to the grocery store, I looked in the baking aisle near the flour and didn’t see any oat bran there. I thought I was going to have to buy a box of oat bran breakfast cereal and crush it up. Finally, I just asked a stockperson, and he lead me back to the cereal aisle but closer to the oatmeal end. The oat bran was still labeled “High Fiber Oat Bran Hot Cereal” but it was in a plastic bag and had a more flour-y consistency. This was enough to satisfy me, so I bought it.

The muffin batter itself is extremely simple to make. As I wrote this post, the muffins were baking and gave my apartment that warm, homey, cozy smell. SO GOOD. Very banana-y.

When I tasted the muffin, though, I will admit that the 2 tablespoons of honey in the batter was very dominant in the resulting muffin. And, I didn’t really taste the banana. I could see it in there, but the honey was just so strong. If you don’t care for honey, I’d recommend cutting the honey requirement in half and adding just a bit of sugar instead. Or, even better, use the agave nectar option in the recipe and let me know how it turned out. With the whole oat bran search incident, no way was I going to hunt for agave nectar.

I will admit that I felt extremely healthy when I ate the muffin, so that’s a plus. A lot of time, people eat certain things to feel better. I suppose if you ate one of these muffins, you’d actually be doing something good for your body at the same time. I’ll probably make these muffins again. I don’t mind the oat bran, bananas or walnuts. I’ll just cut back on the honey a bit. Maybe use a sugar substitute next time? Though, I think that would go against the whole bananas and honey idea…

Okay, so that’s it for the first actual baking post! It’s only Saturday, and I’ve got two other things I wanted to bake this weekend, so I’ll try to get to them tomorrow. Also, I’ll be posting pictures of everything I make, but I can’t do that from home. My camera, while still pretty awesome, was purchased in 2004 and can only be read by a computer running Windows 98 or older. So, ironically, I have to post pictures from the office on my extremely outdated computer! Props to slow and outdated computers!

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  1. Molly
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 21:56:47

    LOVE that you made those! I totally had Agave Nectar at the house here if you wanted it 🙂

    Bring me one! You made me hungry! I baked white cupcakes with buttercream icing last night…yummy!

    • yummychunklet
      Sep 12, 2010 @ 00:36:24

      Nice! We should trade buttercream recipes. I still haven’t found one I completely love. They either end up too buttery with no sweetness or too sweet and not stiff enough for piping.

  2. NN
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 16:19:53

    I like banana. I am inspired. Now I will go to the grocery store and maybe make something too. Okay, probably not. But it sounds good.

    Would these be a good breakfast choice? Might the bran make them last in my belly through a long case and if I miss lunch?

    • yummychunklet
      Sep 12, 2010 @ 17:33:34

      Actually, I think they’d be great at breakfast maybe with some milk. I had one this morning with a mug of milk and was satisfied till mid-afternoon! Mmm…bran…

  3. Jessica
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 16:48:32

    I do this with banana nut bread and I think this applies to muffins: After they are a couple days old, warm muffins in a microwave then spread butter on top before eating (or while eating…). Delicious.

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